A word from the President


In 2009, I finished my studies in Finance (IAE) and I needed to find an internship abroad to fully complete my course. Whilst searching for my placement I realized that I was lacking contacts, that the resources at my university’s Career Centre were limited as it provided very few internships abroad and that, in general, I was missing a middleperson who could help me with my search.

Despite all this, after many weeks of intense searching, I managed to find an internship in the United States as a financial analyst in New York at one of the world leaders of food manufacturing.
Confident after this successful experience which had enormously enhanced my resume, it was natural that I wished to create MyInternshipAbroad to help students, educational establishments and international businesses to establish connections, facilitating their internationalization.

Currently, placements abroad are strongly encouraged by universities and are often a vital part of the degree.
Similarly, it is more practical for a recruiter to be in contact with one sole entity rather than offering placements to many different search platforms.

Cependant, les étudiants à l’entrée de la vie active sont dépourvus de contacts suffisants pour mener à bien ce projet.
En parallèle, il est plus pratique pour un recruteur d’être en contact avec une seule entité plutôt que de proposer des offres à toutes les plateformes de recherche.

MyInternshipAbroad presents itself, therefore, as a networking resource between students and international businesses but also as a support to educational establishments.

As well as this, still relating to my personal experience, I also wanted to create an additional service to help with obtaining the J-1 Visa, a necessary document for all students going to the United States for an internship.
This service is useful for all participants; the students for completing process, the educational establishments for centralizing their requests and for businesses to lightening their recruiting process.

Have trust in MyInternshipAbroad as it provides: the opportunity to find an internship which corresponds to your training and needs, the chance for your students to internationalize thanks to our network of partner companies, the entrustment of the first stages of the recruitment process to a recognized business and the employment of motivated and qualified interns in a context of globalization.

Yves Perret