The concept

All you need to

First Step : Provide internship opportunities

You can submit your internship offer directly onto the MyInternshipAbroad website. We are delighted that you can benefit from our services.
Just to remind you, our service is completely free for companies and there is no obligation for you.
We’re here to help you in your recruitment process and provide you with the best possible candidates to offers that you entrust in us.

Second Step : The first phase of recruitment

This step is performed by MyInternshipAbroad.
We create job descriptions using your criteria and transfer them to our student database. In addition, we use our network of business, engineering and specialized schools and universities to obtain the best profiles from the best schools for you.

Third Step : Selecting profiles

As soon as we have interested students who apply, we select the most suitable profiles and propose 2 to 5 candidatures to your HR.

Fourth Step : Connection between your company and the students

Once you have selected the students who you want to talk to, we arrange an interview (telephone, video) depending on yours and the candidate’s availability.
Following these interviews, you are free to offer the position to the candidate of your choice or request a new selection of best profiles if you have not been convinced.

Fifth Step : The Visa, for an internship in the United States

If the student wishes, as it is essential for an internship in the United States, we take care of the J1-visa process. You’ll be relieved of this burden.
Comprehensive support is provided all the way through the process and our dedicated team follows students’ files up until the issuing of the visa at the embassy.

Sixth Step : Follow-up of the student

Our services do not stop just at creating a business-student connection. We set up a custom tracking for each student to allow him a successful integration and full development within your company and the host country.

With MyInternshipAbroad, there is no risk for the company: you do not sign any contract, we are flexible and ready to help you for free.
Many companies already trust us (Gameloft, Club Med, Louboutin, Bosch …).
Now it is your turn!