Why recruit an international intern?

The benefits of an international intern

A business’ performance is improved by the integration of workers from culturally diverse backgrounds within the heart of its organization. However, sometime it is difficult for companies to see the benefits of international students. Diversity improves the productivity of the organization thanks to the cultural exchange and discovery of better possible business structures.


An employee reacts differently to problems according to the culture and environment they grew up in. So, by diversifying the origins of your staff, you will encounter new and varied approaches to every situation: you only have to decide which approach is best. You are likely to discover points of view that you never would have suspected before.

Diversity induces effeciency

Nowadays more than ever international development is necessary for many organizations. Therefore, according to a recent study of the market, having a bilingual student who perfectly understands the language and culture of the foreign market is wise, as it allows you to target the market and its consumers of the geographic zone better.

Moreover, cultural differences determine a different method of communication for each market. International interns which derive from the target market can help you overcome these differences and communication issues. You multiply your chances of conquering the new foreign market thanks to the cultural diversity and linguistic proficiency of your international staff.

Quality of the recruitment

The students or recent graduates will have opportunities to prove themselves to you which may tempt you into prolonging their contract into full time employment: you have no recruitment risk as you already know their skills!

Motivation and flexibility

Students are young, dynamic and mobile and many dream of putting into practice what they’ve learnt in a real life business. International interns are available throughout the year for varied lengths often from 2-18 months.  Therefore you choose what manpower is necessary for your company and  your goals.

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