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Pass the interview

Many people think a business interview is difficult when actually it really isn’t… because if the employer wants to interview you, it’s simply because your profile suggests that you are the candidate that they are looking for. All you have to do is confirm this! The interview is often held over the phone or via […]

Have a great resume

For recruiters, the resume is a sort of identity card recounting your experiences but, what you need to know, is that they spend less than one minute checking it. It is therefore essential to have an attractive, simple and individual layout whilst maintaining a professional format and look. If you want to be in with […]

Have a great cover letter

The cover letter is an indispensable compliment to your CV. In effect, without it, prospective companies would not know your ambitions or goals and the reason why you would be an asset to them. You must highlight your skills and qualifications remarking why they would add value to the company. Moreover, the cover letter focuses […]

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