Da Silva


À propos du candidat



Etudiante en 2ème année 2021-2025
emlyon business school

The choice of this school is based on my desire for versatility in my professional career. My taste for management was revealed very early on through various experiences during my schooling such as the role of delegate or president of different clubs.

Travail et expérience

Community manager 02/05/2022 - 29/07/2022

Attached directly to the Marketing Department, I participate in the various Maketing projects of the company. My main missions are: social media • Develop content on social networks; • Animate the community; • Update magazine sites; • and social network devices dissemination and advertising Events • Carry out calls for tenders for places, then choice and scouting; • Manage the relationship with these places according to the briefs of the events; • Organize and coordinate the internal speakers of these events (communication tools, receipt of products, etc.); • Manage service providers and coordinate operations on the day of the event; Marketing & Distribution Support • Produce the internal newsletter; • Update the media kits and the presentations (once a year) • Select address files for recruitment emails of new customers; • Manage the schedule for distributing advertisements by email and on social networks.

Vice president
School sports office

I introduced myself as vice-president of the Office of Sports at emlyon business school and following the choices of the second-year members, I became one. My role is to assist the president in his tasks as well as to manage the other members of BDS. We organize several activities, outings as well as a surf trip at the end of August and a ski trip the first week of the Christmas holidays. The organization of these projects and the management of the members of our association allowed me to further develop my sense of organization and communication while becoming more pragmatic.

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