À propos du candidat



Bachelor in Business Administrations Year 1. 2021-2022.
BBA INSEEC Lyon, France.

Part of the community managers team of the school's communication (Instagram, Facebook, lives, Tiktok...). Mainly dealing with Communication, Marketing and Market Study, Negotiation, Financial Accounting, Sales Pitch, International Trade, Storytelling, and others.

Bachelor in Business Administration - Exchange Student Year 2. 2022-2023
International University of Monaco BBA option Communication and Event Management.

Still part of the Community Managers Team of the BBA INSEEC Lyon, France, remotely. Year 2 of my cursus but integrated year 3 of the formation. Mainly dealing with Brand Management, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship, Event Management, Creative Writing, Leadership, Global Business Strategy, and Managerial Accounting.

Travail et expérience

Intern in Sales Assistant in a jewellers Store 03/02/1907 - 06/02/1935
Histoire d'Or, Lyon Rue Victor Hugo, France.

Used to manage SAV, and increased a lot the CA, by selling a lot of products. The sector director came to the store to congratulate me as he was very satisfied with my personal investment and the efficiency I have shown.

Orders preparation - Summer job. 13/06/1936 - 31/08/1934
Leclerc Drive Montélimar, France.

Orders preparation and delivery, worked there again for 2 months during Summer 2022 too.


Baccalauréat Scientifique 2020
Certificate obtained at the end of french high school, with honors.

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