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Master in Management 2026
EMLV, Pôle Leonard de Vinci, La Défense

Master in Management In progress | 3rd year at EMLV, Pôle Leonard de Vinci, La Défense High school graduation with highest honor WORK EXPERIENCE Huawei Technologies France - Boulogne - 3 months 3 R D Y E A R O F A B U S I N E S S S C H O O L I am currently in my third year of the "Grade de Master" in Management and i am looking for an internship from 4 to 6 months from February 2024 in the fields of business, marketing and sales. Core Subjects: Management, Marketing, Finance, Sales, Corporate Strategy, Supply chain Hackathon program: Design a digital communication plan and gamified communication tools for the benefit of diversity Soft skills: Design thinking, Collective Intelligence, Team cooperation

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