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IBBA program (International Bachelor of Business Administration) 2019-2023
Kedge business school

It's a degree which is during 4 years: -This first year (which is in France only) is devoted on learning the fundamentals, (all the class are in English) as: Business law, Micro/Macro Economics, Quantitative methods, Sustainable development, Marketing Business Game, Project management methods, Operations management and more - The second year is divided in two part where the first semester is on the French campus in Marseille in that semester I decided to specialise myself in the luxury marketing management and digital marketing and then it's an internship for 6 months. I made mine in Paris as assistant of the commercial director for "undiz" which is a famous company in France of loungeries (Etam group). -The third year is and exchange thanks to the university partner we have with my school kedge. I decided to made mine exchange in Butler University in Indianapolis in United States. -The final year is divided in two where you have again an exchange university, mine is UMA university in Malaga which is in Spain. The second part is an internship that's why I'm looking now for it now.

Travail et expérience

Fashion Intership as assistant of the commercial director for "undiz" 14/07/1906 - 11/01/1908

Reporting to the Sales Director, I was the privileged interface between the network (Store Leader & Regional Directions) and the Headquarters. Contribution to the implementation and updating of retail guidelines within the stores. Debriefing of the meetings for the drafting of internal notes for the field teams. Follow and inform about the progress of the projects of renovations and openings of points of sale. Solving customer service problems in the stores. Implementation of the sales manager's requests. Attached to the Regional Directors (RD): CSR project implementation, marketing. Responsible for external and internal mail. Implementation of the requests and resolution of the problems of the RDs. Responsible for the implementation of RD meetings.

saleswoman at "Maje"

Welcoming and accompanying customers Develop customer loyalty by providing appropriate and personalised advice To ensure the proper running of the shop (merchandising, cleanliness etc.), Arrange the sales area and products according to the company's guidelines

summer job 2018-2022 (France and Australia)
Le Nesle", "Bar jean", "Leclerc cafeteria", "Casual Monday", "Quick"

Multifunctional waitress


baccalauréat 2018
The examination marking the end of the second cycle of secondary education and allowing access to higher education.

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