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EM Normandie Business School 2nd year
Paris campus

I'm currently on the Grandes Ecoles Programme at the EM Normandie business school, which aims to achieve a Master's degree, where I've studied marketing, sales techniques, project management, tech for business, economics, finance and lots more.

Travail et expérience

Sales consultant 24/04/2023 - 21/07/2023
Sandra Serraf

I did a 3-month internship as a sales advisor in the "Sandra Serraf" boutique, which is a high-end multi-brand boutique with a fashion and decoration side. My main tasks were to welcome customers, give them advice, fetch the sizes they needed from stock and check the items they were trying on in the dressing room. I was also involved in setting up the large window displays and creating drafts of items for the boutique's website. Finally, I regularly took items to the retouching department at the request of customers, took parcels to the post office for orders placed on the website and, more rarely, delivered purchases made in the physical boutiques to the hotels where the customers lived for very large purchases.


Baccalauréat général 2022
I obtained my baccalauréat with honours, specialising in contemporary English and economic and social sciences.

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