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Global Bachelor In Business Administration | Specialisation in Finance & Control 2020-2024
Emlyon Business School

- Specialization in Finance & Control - 4th best french business school - Accreditations EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA

Exchange semester 2023
Universidad Adolfo Ibanez

- Focus on Project Management & Managerial Economics - 1st MBA program in Chile ~ 25th best university in LatAm - Accreditations EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA

Travail et expérience

Revenue Analyst 15/03/1907 - 16/08/1906

• Specialized in cash management solutions; Nominated by GP Bullhound to become the next 10 bil. dollar company in the next two years • Implementation of a new acquisition channel (Referral Program); 80% increase in the mapping of PE participations (+30% more than initial target); Creation of 22 new variables schemes • Production of analysis for C-level executives; Long-term project planning; Management of various variables salaries schemes; Intensive interactions with PE funds & databases

Business and Development Analyst

• First B2B online marketplace for rental equipment; Created by two formers Mazars consultant • Organization of 80 meetings; 500k euros contributed over the period; Ranked first BDM during 3 months; 150% of July target achieved • Business development; In-depth business analysis; Implementation of acquisition strategies

Co-founder | Finance and Growth Departments

• Created with the desire to discover the world of entrepreneurship, we have developed a wide range of communication offers dedicated to the restoration sector • 20+ logo redesigns and the creation of communications strategies; 5 online campaigns • Fully autonomous experience; Management of a company; Training in digital creation tools

Head of Development | Led a team of eight members
BBA Junior Consulting

• Emlyon's junior company provides a unique service to companies through handpicked students • More than 30 surveys carried out: Bimp Education, Scieries du Forez, Séance Immo, etc; Over 12k euros worth of surveys completed • Management of a team; Accompaniment of companies; Application of my courses


Bloomberg Market Concepts 2023
BMC consists of 3 sections — Core Concepts (includes four modules – Economic Indicators, Currencies, Fixed Income, Equities), Getting Started on the Terminal and Portfolio Management Link: ID: zMLKoy75uohPo73u7fzhyGaN
TOEFL IBT | 102/120 2022
The TOEFL iBT includes questions that combine language skills: • Read, listen, and then speak to answer a question • Listen and then speak to answer a question • Read, listen, and then write to answer a question Link: 8206401225612029 ID: 8206401225612029
HEC Paris - Investment Management in an Evolving and Volatile World | With distinction 2023
This course has enabled me to: • Define what type of investor you are, your investment objectives, and potential constraints • Identify the main investable assets and important players in financial markets • Understand basic portfolio management techniques • Apply these techniques in real case studies from the outset, through practical assessments Link: ID: XN96FRRMPEGH

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