À propos du candidat



Master Degree (Engineer) 2025
ISMANS Académie Loire Atlantique (Le Mans)

2nd/3 years Engineering Studenship major in Mechanical Engineering

PREPA Grandes Ecoles 2022
Créteil Cac han

Intensive two-year study course preparing for the competitive entrance to the French Grandes Ecoles Lycée Polyvalent Cachan

Travail et expérience

Engineering Student Internship (• Purchasing sales assistant & Metrology Quality Controller) 01/05/2023 - 28/07/2023

• Purchasing sales assistant: market study of materials and services, search for new partners, calls for tenders, purchases of materials and subcontracting o Captured market trends o Identified cost reduction opportunities o Optimzed procurement process o Accomplished better & competitive contract negociation with diversified procurement sources o Ensured product quality while cost reduction • Metrology: control of parts, recording of control data, management of non- conformities o Contributed to guarantee components precision and reliability reducing failure risks o Established efficient data control collection ensuring components traceability and manufacturing process optimization o Optimized components failure & repair costs o Achieved a better customer satisfaction with a better quality control & non-conformance management process

Student mentor, Cachan
AFEV (Student associative Foundation)

Student mentor, Cachan • Assistance & help for high school students (Handling Complex Concepts/Problem Solving Skills) • School orientation guidance and mentoring, market trends & motivation

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