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Bachelor Fashion Design and Marketing 2021-2024
Ipac Design

A fashion school with a marketing option typically teaches students how to integrate marketing strategies into the fashion industry. This includes understanding consumer behavior, creating effective promotional campaigns, and developing brand management skills tailored to the unique aspects of the fashion business. Students may also learn about digital marketing, trend analysis, and the global dynamics of the fashion market.

Travail et expérience

Luxury Perfumery Sales, Observational Marketing, Visual Merchandising Internship 03/10/2023 - 04/02/2024
Etat Libre d'Orange

Demonstrated expert salesmanship for premium fragrances, honing persuasive communication and customer service skills. Acquired comprehensive knowledge of perfume industry, with a particular focus on marketing and promotional strategies, through observation and immersion in the marketing department. Gained insight into effective visual merchandising techniques to optimize product presentation and enhance customer experience.

Fundraising Consultant, Employment Period
Wesser und Partner

Successfully collaborated with globally recognized organizations including Doctors Without Borders, WWF, and the Red Cross. Employed persuasive sales techniques to secure crucial financial support for humanitarian and environmental initiatives. Demonstrated tenacity, teamwork, and sales expertise in achieving fundraising goals

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