Corto S., J-1 Visa for New-York (United States)
MyInternshipAbroad’s visa process fulfilled all my expectations. The service was quick, efficient and always ready to help and the different stages were explained very well. Going off to the United States has never been so simple. I experienced no problems whatsoever. Corto S., Student at HEC Montréal, Canadaparole de stagiaire
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Anthony J., Internship and J-1 Visa for New-York (United States)
“Theyfollow up the documents very thorough right from the start to finish. Generally when you ask them a question they reply immediately and I believe that it is this punctuality which is highly important. MyInternshipAbroad’s services are very professional. On the whole I have been very satisfied with this company and I recommend this organization […]parole de stagiaire
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Yoann J., Internship in Cork (Ireland)
I was very pleased with the services that MyInternshipAbroad provided. I found an internship pretty quickly that reached my expectations and was in my area of studies. It was one of my friends who recommended this site to me because he himself had found an internship through this company. I therefore also recommend this reliable […]parole de stagiaire
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