À propos du candidat



Master in International Affairs 2021 - 2015; Actuellement en 3e année
Sciences Po Aix-en-Provence

Political sciences and specialization in Economy, Finance and Management

Exchange student 2022
Arizona State University

Lessons of Africana Studies, Media Studies and Political Economy

Classe préparatoire B/L (Lettres et Sciences Sociales) 2021_2022
CPGE Lycée Pothier

One highly selective and demanding year to prepare entrance examinations of French "Grandes écoles"

Travail et expérience

Stagiaire 13/12/1906
Cabinet du Maire de Dourdan

• Responsible of the political image of the Mayor through the use of facebook and Instagram (creation of his Instagram account - regular posts at affluence hours) • Writing of numerous letters, organisation of the mayor's timetable, constant relay with the 107 city's associations. • Organisation and reception of Ministers, Senators and Deputies in the city (3 ministers and 1 deputy) • Creation of a social study about the typical dourdaneese voter (more likely middle age women) • In charge of the official visit of 30 people from the Chinese embassy (Including Mister Chen Li, 2nd man in charge in the embassy)

Responsable communication
Junior Experts

• In charge of the association's visibility through the use of Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn • Creation of presentative clips and flyers to promote the association and organisation of its one week event (highest attendance for this anual event)


L2 - IEP Aix en Provence 2021_2022
Political sciences and specialization in Economy, Finance and Management

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