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Global BBA 2024
EM Lyon Business School

Currently in my last year at Emlyon Business School specialized in finance & control.

Semester abroad 2022
Stockholm University

I had the opportunity to study abroad for half a year within my international cursus at Emlyon Business School. I lived and studied in Stockholm, Sweden for 5 months.

Baccalauréat Scientifique 2019
Lycée La folie Saint James

graduated from highschool with a baccalauréat mention bien

Travail et expérience

Assistant Back and Middle Office 01/02/2023 - 14/07/2023
Inocap Gestion

Worked for 6 months for the collective investment management within Inocap Gestion and its Quadrige funds (UCITS) range rated 4 and 5 stars on Quantalys and Morningstar including smallcap, smidcaps, midcaps, and multicaps funds. Dealt with both Middle Office and Back Office tasks, including dealt with AIF repayment and clients interrogation regarding their investments, check cash availability, dealt with the wealth management consultants and brokers like Kepler Chevreux, Goldman Sachs etc. Calculation of net asset values everyday, learned to master Enfusion software (portfolio management solution), Excel, Bloomberg and cloud solution systems like Desisyphe.

Strategic Planner
Saatchi&Saatchi, PUBLICIS

Work for 5 months within a Top 3 multinational communications and advertising agency. Dealt with helping ready ad campaigns for potential and current clients. Having to devote time to engaging in research within different sectors to maximize potential outreach to desired target audience. Discovering and putting forward strategies and angles to deliver on the clients wants and needs. Worked within campaigns for big companies such as: Teisseire, Burger King and Subway.

Sale representative
Sweet Pants

Responsible for sales and customer service issues. Worked primarily in private sales, dealing mostly with private shoppers. Responsible for managing inventory and tracking sales. Very team oriented work environment.

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