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Bachelor Universitaire et Technologique de Techniques de Commercialisation
IUT de Paul Sabatier (à Toulouse)

I am doing a Bachelor of Marketing Techniques in Toulouse (BUT TC). This BUT is attached to Paul Sabatier University (in Toulouse). This course was created in 2019 and takes place over 3 years. It enables students to acquire the knowledge and skills needed in sales techniques. The aim of the course is to train students for positions in marketing, sales and communication, which will enable them to work independently in a wide range of positions. These are the three skill blocks of the course. In the 1st year, students undergo initial training and have a 4-week work placement (at the end of the year) in the sector and location of their choice. Then, in the 2nd year, students can choose to go on a sandwich course or remain in the initial training programme. They will have to specialise in one of the skill blocks and, if they remain on the initial programme, they will have to complete an 8-week work placement. It is also possible to follow the DUTY route in the 2nd year, where most courses are in English. Finally, in the 3rd year, all students take part in a sandwich course to help them integrate more easily into the professional world. Finally, this course uses a wide range of working methods. Students learn through seminars, business games, lectures, tutorials, group projects, role-playing...

Travail et expérience

Baby-sitting 14/03/1907 - 16/05/1918

First of all, babysitting is my first professional experience. Over two years ago, I started a baby-sitting business, which enabled me to develop my communication skills (motivating and reassuring communication for parents) in order to create a network of families who regularly use my services, and my creativity (fun and educational activities to entertain the children I look after). What's more, through this first professional experience, I've developed my listening and interaction skills and learnt how to manage difficult situations. Baby-sitting is a personal success. I took away several things from this first professional experience: you have to be well organised to manage your schedule as well as possible, it's important to create a good relationship with customers (listening and communicating) and meet their expectations.


French Baccalaureat with honours 2023
I obtained my baccalauret with a major in mathematics and economics and social sciences. I also took part in an option at my lycée called the "start-up project". This project involves helping young companies to develop their marketing strategy. Two years ago, as part of the project, we helped the start-up Climate City, which focused on ecology, and last year we helped the Toulouse-based start-up Slidocks, which develops flip-flops and matching socks made from recycled waste. Working in a small group of four people, we had to find the best solutions at the lowest cost so that these young start-ups could become visible and therefore exist on the market. As part of this project, I developed my oral skills, as I made pitches to the directors to present my proposals.

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