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Bachelor of Business Administration
EMLYON Business school

Travail et expérience

Project marketing manager intern 16/05/2022 - 13/07/2022
French Flair agency

Orchestrated and managed impactful events focused on promoting disability awareness within companies, welcoming around 250 people and successfully highlighting the importance of inclusion and accessibility. These events raised disability awareness among over 50% of participants, as shown by surveys carried out before and after the events. Took charge of booths at events, skillfully engaging with attendees, responding to requests and organizing informative discussions on disability-related topics. Took an active approach to prospecting and identifying potential new customers, making meaningful connections and cultivating relationships to broaden the organization's client base. A dozen potential customers subsequently contacted the agency. Developed compelling content to effectively communicate information and promote understanding of disability, using a variety of mediums such as well-crafted articles, blog posts, engaging social media campaigns and compelling multimedia presentations.

Business Development Intern
Osan Puerto Real Estate

Presented 20+ properties to potential clients, highlighting their features and advantages. Fostered astrong customer relationships from initial contact to final sale, ensuring service and promptly addressing inquiries and concerns. Developed professional and concise documents encompassing vital property details, prepared for widespread dissemination among customers. Leveraged various social media platforms to effectively communicate property information on accounts with 1k+ followers, incorporating visually appealing photos, engaging videos and content to captivate and attract potential buyers resulting in a 20% increase in the instagram’s account

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