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International High School Victor Hugo 2019 - 2022
International High School Victor Hugo in Colomiers, FRANCE

I had my senior secondary certificate of education (or A-level) in a famous international high school named Victor Hugo in Colomiers in France. My specialities were Sciences of Economics and Socials and English Literature. I also followed the European English Section.

International Business School 2022 - 2027
International ICD Business School in Blagnac, FRANCE

I am a second-year student in a famous business school in France. I follow a lot of courses such as Marketing, Accounting, Sales techniques, Business law, Excel, Advertising concepts and practice, Marketing integrated communications, Organising for business, Business English, Market survey, etc… There is a huge international dimension in ICD Business School : I studied a semester at Coventry University in England during my first year, this year I have to achieve an internship abroad, and next year I have to achieve a double degree during the entire year abroad.

Travail et expérience

Babysitter 23/07/1927
Private individuals

I have to take care of children between 3 to 8 years old, play with them and help them for their homework. I also have to put them to bed and keep and eye on them until their parents come back.

Multi-skilled team member 15/03/1911 - 16/07/1907

Main missions : - Cashier - Stock Shelves - Inventory management - Facing - Managing orders

Sales consultant (internship) 13/11/1906 - 12/01/1909

Main missions : - Welcoming customers - Advising customers - Managing orders and deliveries - Merchandising - Maintaining the shop - Participating in events organisation - Prospection

Room Clerks 13/11/1906 - 14/04/1908
Brasserie du Carré Vert

Main missions : - Welcoming customers - Taking orders - Serving dishes and beverages - Setting up tables - Maintaining a clean environment - Washing dishes


Senior secondary certificate of education (or A-level-) 2022
Specialities Sciences of Economics and Socials & English literature with European English Section

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