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Global Bachelor in Business Administration Bachelor's degree in 4 years
NEOMA Business School

I'm currently in my third year at Neoma Business School in Reims. This prestigious school has given me the opportunity to develop both personally and professionally. It has enabled me to acquire a solid grounding in various fields such as marketing, communications, management, logistics and others. At the same time, my involvement as head of communications in the Neoma student office enabled me to hone my leadership and management skills. I've also had the chance to meet some exceptional people and get involved in various associations, both within the school and with external organizations such as Les Restos du Cœur. Neoma Business School has played a crucial role in developing my entrepreneurial spirit. The business creation simulation exercises were particularly formative, and I'm proud to mention that my team won the prize for the best project, securing us a place in the Neoma incubator.

Academic exchange in Taipei University Master program 2023
Taipei University, Taiwan

I was lucky enough to have one of my most memorable experiences when I spent six months in Taiwan, at Taipei University. I opted for Master Track courses to get a head start on my program and perfect my English, as all classes were taught in that language. This experience exposed me to cultural norms very different from those I had known in France, marking my life with unforgettable cultural experiences. Taiwan welcomed me warmly, while allowing me to develop my open-mindedness. I realized that diversity is a strength, as everyone is unique. Adapting to different customs, people, religions and food has enriched me. What's more, traveling to neighboring countries such as Japan, for an in-depth study of customer behavior, and the Philippines backpacking, offered me indescribable memories.

Travail et expérience

Marketing and Communications Intern 01/04/2023 - 03/07/2023
Secondé-Simon Champagne House, Ambonnay

I was a leader in the development and enhancement of the company's image and brand identity, ensuring alignment with strategic objectives. I implemented comprehensive marketing and communications plans. I demonstrated a results-oriented approach. Provided effective administrative support. Oversaw project management, scheduled meetings, conducted market research, coordinated vineyard visits and identified optimal market opportunities. I redesigned bottle labels with a keen sense of aesthetics. Created compelling visual content that tripled the number of social media subscribers.

Community Manager
Attitude Danse, Reims

Strategically planned and published content to oversee and enhance the dance school's online presence. Utilized analytical tools to evaluate and optimize the effectiveness of the strategy. Refined data interpretation skills. Skillfully curated diverse and compelling content, demonstrating mastery of both visual and editorial creation to engage and retain the community.

Dior Animator (Part Time Job)
Maison Christian Dior, Paris

Developed and implemented high-impact sales strategies and achieved a personal sales milestone of €11,600 in a single day, exceeding the set goal of €10,000, in the Dior Cosmetics and Fragrances business. Demonstrated strong competitiveness by consistently exceeding targets in a competitive environment. Strengthened loyalty, satisfaction and trust by fostering long-term relationships with international clients.

Dance Teacher
Sacré-Coeur High School

I have worked as a dance teacher for children's school lunchtime activities. This experience has fueled my passion for sharing the joy of music and dance with others. It has taught me the importance of being a good listener and a skilled conversationalist. Additionally, it has highlighted the significance of possessing patience and a natural authority to command respect in the classroom. This role has not only allowed me to impart my enthusiasm for dance but also to foster a love for music among the students.

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