This year we have students joining us from all of the world assigned placements across the firm in the departments of Audit, Financial Advisory, Internal Audit & Forensic Investigations as well as Financial Management & Outsourced Accounting. From day one you are included in graduate-level training and are given similar responsibilities to our 1st year trainees – photocopying is not a core part of your time with us!

Audit Internships – Financial Services (High Profile Clients)
Auditors have the responsibility of determining how honest and accurate a business’s financial records are while also suggesting ways to reduce cost, enhance revenue and increase profits. As a trainee auditor with Mazars, you will gain a wide range of experience across a wide variety of clients including privately owned businesses, large corporates and multinational organisations.
From the outset, you will experience auditing some of the lower risk audit areas and as you progress you will become responsible for the most complex and high-risk sections on an audit file and be pivotal to managing our client relationships and service delivery. The level of your responsibilities will be driven by your capability, your on the job performance and your motivation to succeed.

Financial Management & Outsourced Accounting
Gain valuable insight into how a business works and operates and gain a vast array of experience across a wide variety of clients including large corporates, not-for-profit organisations, public sector bodies and more.
By utilising the most up to date technology to streamline the accounting process for our clients, we ensure they are free to focus on their business’ success. One of the most valuable aspects of the outsourcing department is the opportunity to be part of the client’s team. Completing your training contract with Mazars will ensure you become a versatile, well-rounded business advisor and qualified

Internal Audit & Forensic Investigations
Working as a Mazars Intern will provide you with a wide exposure across a range of activities and give a holistic view and valuable insight into how organisations operate while also developing a broad range of skills which will assist you in your professional career. At Mazars we have dedicated teams that focus on:
• Industry, where our clients include some of our Ireland’s largest plcs, charities and public sector departments; and Business process improvement
• Financial services, where our clients include Ireland’s retail banks, international banks, asset managers and international payment firms.
Whether you choose to focus on industry or financial services, you will gain exposure to and advise some of Ireland’s leading companies and institutions.

Financial Advisory
Financial advisory offers broad training which includes fundamental accounting techniques while at the same time providing an opportunity to engage closely with various aspects of the finance, property and legal professions. As a Mazars financial advisory trainee, you will work on a wide range of advisory and insolvency assignments and will get experience across insolvency and restructuring
issues that maximise returns for clients. You will develop an understanding of risk management and have the opportunity to progress into leadership and relationship management roles with clients, who include the pillar banks and private equity firms.
Interns are encouraged to engage and assist with difficult assignments while also being guided on how to provide a best in class service. In short, financial advisory is a perfect fit for students looking for broad training, an understanding of how businesses run and who want to develop the skills necessary for a career in financial advisory, accounting and finance or asset management.

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Ambitious and always up for a challenge. We put people before processes, empowering you to lead, innovate and foster your entrepreneurial talents. We want you to challenge the way we do things so we can bring the best to our clients. If you are looking for a career where you can truly make an impact, Mazars is the right place for you.

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