Stage Design Manufacturing Engineering République Tchèque

The purpose of the mission on our site in Zavar is to define, ensure the best process and the good realization of the industrial and peripheral means, in the respect of the objectives of Safety, Quality, Costs and Deadlines defined.

Main Missions:
– Assistance to the Project Industrialization Manager on his main missions

– Participation in the definition and technical follow-up of the process on several parts of a new vehicle under development

– Participation in the definition and qualitative follow-up of the project: Layout, Synoptic, Time study, FMEA, Process implementation, MAP, Retex

– Active participation in the product-process design phases, follow-up of the realization of tools and specific means, realization of the first parts and direct participation in the validation and development phases until the industrial integration on the production site

– Participation in the validation of checking fixtures for sub-assemblies and finished products on production sites-Participation in the definition and validation of packaging for finished products on production sites-Participation in the drafting of work instructions for checking fixtures and production fixtures on production sites

1-Define the process and the industrialization of the means of production for the projects on which he is assigned:
– Participates in the costing of his/her scope of activity (means, packaging, flows, etc.)

– Integrates process constraints into product design

– Proposes to the project team the industrial scenarios that meet the expectations of the project/client/plant

– Takes into account the Lean Manufacturing requirements of the receiving site and the SPM Mecaplast standards

– Defines the specifications of the equipment (assembly, painting, finishing, packaging) in accordance with the Industrialization standards of the production means

– Participates in the specifications of the checking fixtures

– Ensures that the process FMEA is carried out, including that required of suppliers, and that process constraints are taken into account in the design of the product/process

– Capitalize on the problems encountered with the standards guarantors

– Respects the rules, methodologies and tools

2 – Leads his activity:
– Based on the objectives of his project, leads and federates the project team on a permanent basis.

– With the receiving site, organizes « cardboard » work sites to materialize the industrial solution on the ground before the specifications are sent to suppliers for consultation.

– Monitors the performance indicators of his project and implements corrective actions if necessary

– Ensures the flow of information within the team and promotes team spirit

– Reports on his/her activity (budget and estimated work in progress, schedule, performance levels, etc.)

3 – Leads the process qualification for the projects on which he is assigned:
– Based on the objectives of his/her project, ensures with the factory the qualification of the industrialized means

– Takes the necessary decisions to optimize the results
– Produces a project feedback file with all the stakeholders

4 – Contributes to the development of innovative solutions:
– Proposes innovative solutions aimed at enriching the standards libraries or making them evolve, in collaboration with the Innovation Engineers

– Provides the project team with information from supplier or customer benchmarks

– Implements, with the receiving site, the necessary experiments or adjustments to validate new standards

You will receive a remuneration of 2059€ and a one-way plane ticket.
The price of the housing allowance is also covered by Novares up to 900€.

Description de la société

We are always looking for highly motivated, creative professionals with a passion for vehicles, innovation and technology.


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