Stage Web Development Tokyo

You will spend 2 months at our Company in Tokyo, charges covered and with Visa support. We provide a valuable opportunity to learn and practice new skills, to be creative in your project/tasks, and also to have an irreplaceable insight into business-level product development.

We pride ourselves on the thorough support and mentoring we provide to our interns. We offer full-time positions to selected interns every year and we accept applications from anywhere in the world!

+ Conditions +
– Penultimate or last-year internship (undergraduate)
– Commitment to the internship program & schedule
– Present weekly progress to the mentoring team
– Relocate to Tokyo for the duration of the internship

+ Internship details +
– Duration: 2 months between April 1st and August 31st (to negotiate)
– Work schedule: Monday to Friday, 7 hours per day (excluding breaks, no overtime needed)
– Location: on-site in Tokyo, Japan
– Covered expenses: roundtrip flight, hotel stay, commuting, meals allowance, mobile/wifi
– Recruiting process: Apply → CV selection → Skills Test → HR Interview → Engineers Interview → Offer

+ How to succeed in preliminary selection +
– Our company values honesty and transparency above all, so it’s recommended to highlight even a few actual skills rather than an exaggerated list of projects or skills
– The preliminary selection is through CV review, so we recommend supporting your CV with past projects (if any). Make sure to have public links that can demonstrate your projects
– If you don’t have past projects that you can share, we recommend adding a cover letter to appeal your application. Cover letters do not need to be long or use fancy templates, it’s sufficient to explain why you believe you’re a good fit and highlight your skills, experience, and what you believe is useful for your application

Description de la société

Has been developing web services and solutions for 19+ years. The company’s flagship service is “Kuroco”, incorporating the latest technologies into our long-time core product "RCMS", trusted by thousands of enterprises in Japan & Asia.
We are based in Tokyo, Japan, with a branch office in Malaysia, and boast a multicultural team with diverse backgrounds and nationalities, communicating mainly in English.
“Do right & delight” - Diverta holds very high its philosophy and set of principles that unify its vision and mission, intending to continuously create and evolve while enjoying work & life, and being always open to change.


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