Stage Guest Relations Officer China


Accommodation: Guest-room
Dining: Normally dining in the Staff Canteen With 1 buffet in ADD per day
Other benefits comply with the hotel policy (e.g free gym usage)

Internship Description :

Responsible for the reception desk, carrying out general administration duties, and will be required to assist with the day-to-day running of the Front Office department. Provide a friendly welcome and high-quality service over the phone and on the guests’ arrival to the hotel, deal with the demands of the front desk, and find suitable solutions to meet customers’ needs depending on the possibilities available at the hotel. Carry out all necessary operations when guests arrive and depart (check-in/ check-out).


To carry out the day-to-day administration of the front office, including answering telephones and emails, and distributing posts and emails.
To answer guests’ queries, referring them to contact points at which they can obtain further information.
Liaise with other departments regarding matters arising: e.g. Security, Housekeeping, Engineering, accounting, F&B, etc
Report to Front Office Manager any maintenance that needs attention at the Lobby.
Escort the guest to the room and explain all the hotel and room’s facilities.
Following through with these maintenance issues when required.
Work on a roster basis of 5 days but spread over 7 days.
Supervise day-to-day running of the front office.
Ensure the delivery of high standards to guests.
Ensure a speedy resolution to any problems that may arise on shift.
Liaise with housekeeping regarding accommodation requirements.

Description de la société

China-based company offering internships in the hospitality and tourism management field in China to students.

We have collaborations with luxury hotels (Hilton, Kempinski..) all around China. This would be the opportunity to live a high-quality Hospitality Industry experience, offering a challenging internship, that embraces cultural diversity and excellence.

We believe that students can benefit greatly from gaining work experience in a foreign country. Our internships offer students the chance to work with local and international companies in China, experience Chinese culture, and develop their practical and language skills. We are committed to providing a safe and rewarding experience for all applicants.


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