Stage Interior Design Assistant New York


Employee’s scope of work includes, but is not limited to, the following :

Following up on assignments and reminding the principal of outstanding items to be completed and/or initiated.
Taking detailed field measurements from local staff and creating drafting plans in AutoCAD.
Making adjustments based on both secondary field measurements and intuitive edits.
Specifying furnishings, fixtures, and equipment taking into account price, availability, and timing for project needs.
We would provide vendor lists and look forward to your suggestions as well.
Acting as a liaison between the client, building management, board of directors, and city requirements to obtain construction approval.
Using simple project management software for project guidance and documentation. This is a key part of the job.
Obtaining quotes and coordinating the creation of proposals with the bookkeeping team with follow-up proofing.
Following through and maintaining spreadsheets.
Fixing priorities to create appointments and calendaring them..
Providing construction administration by updating drawings and providing on-site feedback in coordination with the principal
Creating presentations conveying process and visual direction.
Translating abstract concepts into visual documentation using software.
Maintaining communications with contractors and trades throughout the duration of the project.
Obtain product approvals and communication updates to both supervisor and client.
Ability to “manage up” and remind principal of key priorities and follow through on them with reminders to him.


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