Stage Marketing & Communication Intern Colombie

Dynamic marketing & communication enthusiast to join our Colombian team! This unique opportunity is tailor-made for those eager to boost their Spanish skills while gaining hands-on experience in Marketing and Communication

Why join Centro Catalina?

Although this internship is unpaid, you get plenty of benefits, such as:

– Accommodation and breakfast provided 🏡🥐
– Hands-on experience in Marketing and Communication 📢
– Immersion in Colombian culture, be it in vibrant Medellin or sunny Cartagena
– Spanish language courses for proficiency 🗣️
– Weekly cultural activities organized by the school 🎉

Expected starting date & length of internship: Around June/July, for a duration of 5 to 6 months (to be agreed upon with the intern)

Description de la société

Immersive Spanish language education extending beyond the classroom. With schools in Medellin and Cartagena, we offer a unique blend of language learning, cultural exploration, and a taste of Colombian lifestyle. At Centro Catalina, we value internships as a fantastic learning opportunity, committed to supporting professional and personal development throughout your stay in Colombia. 🌍


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