Stage Pastry and baker assistant New York

As a pastry and baker assistant, I ensure the setting up of garnishes and the processing of food products with all the team. I will learn how to make : cakes, tartes and chocolate or Viennoiserie, puff, dough, shaping, folding and bread. I participate in creation and mise en place in order to improve my skills. I will learn French pastry and bakery way.

I should be responsible of my workstation and I respect the standards, the production procedures and the hygiene standards in force within the company. I ensure the maintenance and proper follow-up of the directives given by my line managers (good communication).
Always Representing our French luxurious company and its values, I guarantee the satisfaction of the employees by accomplishing my daily tasks and missions with joy and kindness. More than a pastry and baker assistant, I actively participate in the influence/rayonnement/enthousiasme/ of Mademoiselle Colette.

Daily, my operational missions are:

  • Follow and make with the team the production of the goods and their packaging.
  • I am responsible with the team for setting up and preparing toppings.
  • Participates in the smooth running of the service of his part (cooking, presentation, production, etc.).
  • I am responsible with the team for the cleaning and the quality of the maintenance of my workstation and equipment, storage areas and the kitchen in general by applying hygiene standards.


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