1. Business Strategies for Sales Growth: The selected candidate won’t just be executing pre-established business strategies. They will also be expected to brainstorm and introduce innovative approaches aimed at boosting sales. This involves analyzing current market trends, customer behaviors, and the competitive landscape to develop strategies that make our offerings more compelling.
  2. Video Content Management: In addition to strategy, the candidate will have a hands-on role in populating our e-commerce sites and social media platforms with video content. This entails creating, curating, and posting videos that not only showcase our products but also engage our target audience, thereby increasing visibility and potential sales.
  3. SEO and Website Overhaul: Lastly, the candidate will take on a dual role in digital marketing. On one hand, they will focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to improve our rankings on search engines, thereby increasing organic traffic and visibility for our products. On the other hand, they will work on a complete redesign of our website, optimizing the user experience, functionality, and visual appeal to make it a more effective sales tool.

Each of these responsibilities is crucial for the successful marketing and sales of our products, and we are looking for a candidate who can excel in all these areas.



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